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New Baths in Gretna NE

Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bathtub in Gretna, NE

Looking to elevate your bathroom experience in Gretna, NE? One of the easiest ways to add charm and functionality is by upgrading to a new bathtub. Here’s everything you need to know to make the right choice:


  1. Bathtub Styles for Every Space
  • Freestanding: A versatile option that fits any space without needing connecting walls.
  • Regular: Classic claw foot designs with a modern twist, perfect for larger bathrooms.
  • Oval: Ideal for smaller homes, offering a sleek and modern look.
  • Angled Tub: Provides added support for your back and neck, customizable in size.
  • Alcove: Space-efficient and great for combining with a shower in apartments or compact homes.


  1. Material Matters: Durability and Comfort
  • Fiberglass: Affordable but prone to water absorption and chipping.
  • Porcelain: Durable and non-porous, suitable for traditional and modern designs.
  • Acrylic: Lightweight, durable, and available in various styles, ideal for most bathrooms.
  • Stone Resin: Offers durability, heat retention, and a luxurious feel without the heavy weight.


  1. Size and Weight Considerations
  • Measure your space accurately to ensure the bathtub fits seamlessly.
  • Consider the weight of the tub, especially for older homes or upper-level bathrooms.
  • Freestanding and corner tubs may require floor reinforcement due to their weight.


  1. Installation Made Easy
  • Freestanding tubs offer flexibility in placement but may need sturdy floor support.
  • Drop-in and alcove tubs are easier to install and suitable for smaller spaces.
  • Corner tubs require more effort and space but can be a luxurious addition to spacious bathrooms.


  1. Lifestyle and Accessibility
  • Choose a bathtub that suits the needs of all household members, including children and the elderly.
  • Consider features like handrails, non-slip surfaces, and walk-in options for enhanced safety and comfort.


By considering these factors and consulting with experts like Custom Bath & Shower, you can ensure a seamless and rewarding bathtub upgrade experience in Gretna, NE. When you’re ready to transform your bathroom, call Custom Bath & Shower for a free estimate at 515-206-8180. Our expertise and personalized solutions will help you find the perfect bathtub for your home.

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Myra Kingston★★★★★
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We are very pleased with Custom bath & Shower. The salesman and the installers were nice and knew what they were doing. Installation crew was on time, cleaned up after themselves and did a professional job.
Linda Talbott★★★★★
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Our shower install was April 12, 2022. James and his crew arrived early am and finished by 5p.. We are very pleased . The crew was very professional and it was a very pleasant experience. I had a couple of concerns but James answered my questions and everything went very smooth.
Jeff Lenoir★★★★★
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The best install I have ever been around and the nicest people I have been around. I will be glad to tell people we know all about Custom Bath & Shower. It’s the best shower I have ever seen!! Great, great, great!!!

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