Converting a Tub to a Shower: Your Guide to Smart Bathroom Transformations in Council Bluffs, NE

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Converting a Tub to a Shower: Your Guide to Smart Bathroom Transformations in Council Bluffs, NE


Converting a Tub to a Shower: Your Guide to Smart Bathroom Transformations in Council Bluffs, NE

In the realm of bathroom upgrades, converting a tub to a shower is a transformative move. It not only adds practicality but also elevates your bathroom’s functionality and aesthetics.

If you’re contemplating this conversion in Council Bluffs, NE, here’s what you need to know in an informative and enthusiastic tone.

  1. Assessing Your Space

If you have a compact bathroom, typically measuring 5×8 feet, a tub-to-shower conversion can optimize your space. However, this transformation requires careful planning to ensure functionality and style. Consider factors like the existing layout, plumbing configuration, and your personal preferences in terms of shower design, such as walk-in showers, corner showers, or alcove showers.


  1. Conversion Options

Option 1: Replace the Tub with a Shower

This involves removing the existing bathtub and installing a new shower unit. It’s a significant project that demands professional expertise from contractors like Custom Bath & Shower in Council Bluffs, NE. Consider factors like the shower curb, which prevents water spillage, and the impact on resale value if removing the bathtub.

Shower Door Considerations

Planning for a shower door involves ensuring adequate space for opening without obstruction. Alternatively, a curtain or partial glass panel can provide an elegant enclosure while maintaining functionality. Custom Bath & Shower can guide you in choosing the right door option that suits your space and preferences.

Option 2: Retrofit Plumbing for a Shower-Tub Unit

For a less invasive approach, retrofitting plumbing to create a shower-tub combination is viable. This retains the bathtub while adding shower functionality. Proper waterproofing and updating plumbing to code standards are crucial steps in this process. Custom Bath & Shower’s experienced team can ensure a seamless integration of the shower-tub unit into your existing bathroom layout.

Adding an Enclosure

Whether opting for sliding doors or a curtain, choosing the right enclosure enhances the shower’s appearance and functionality. Consider curved curtain rods for a spacious feel or sliding doors for a sleek look. Custom Bath & Shower offers a range of enclosure options to complement your design vision.

  1. Bathroom Upgrades

A tub-to-shower conversion is an opportunity to enhance your entire bathroom experience. Consider these upgrades:

  • Ventilation: Improve airflow with updated venting to prevent moisture buildup and maintain a fresh environment.
  • Lighting: Upgrade to efficient and aesthetically pleasing lighting options for a well-lit ambiance that enhances the shower experience.
  • Amenities: Incorporate practical amenities like shelves, benches, or niches for convenience and organization, enhancing the functionality of your new shower space.

Transform Your Bathroom with Custom Bath & Shower

When you’re ready to embark on a tub-to-shower conversion journey, Custom Bath & Shower in Council Bluffs, NE, is your trusted partner. 

Call us at (515) 206-8114 for a free consultation and let’s turn your bathroom dreams into reality. 

With Custom Bath & Shower’s expertise and dedication to quality, you can enjoy a functional, stylish, and personalized shower space that enhances your daily routine and adds value to your home.

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Myra Kingston★★★★★
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We are very pleased with Custom bath & Shower. The salesman and the installers were nice and knew what they were doing. Installation crew was on time, cleaned up after themselves and did a professional job.
Linda Talbott★★★★★
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Our shower install was April 12, 2022. James and his crew arrived early am and finished by 5p.. We are very pleased . The crew was very professional and it was a very pleasant experience. I had a couple of concerns but James answered my questions and everything went very smooth.
Jeff Lenoir★★★★★
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The best install I have ever been around and the nicest people I have been around. I will be glad to tell people we know all about Custom Bath & Shower. It’s the best shower I have ever seen!! Great, great, great!!!

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